Between September 1, 1997 and September 6, 1999, Dastoli Digital made over 700 Star Wars pictures in Microsoft Paintbrush. An anthology including a master list of all of the pictures can be downloaded as a Word document here. Below are the 14 pictures that were saved.

Imperial Fleet

Battle of Endor 1

Battle of Bakura

Battle of Dathomir

Battle of Calamari

Sith Fleet

Battle of Yavin

Capture of the Tantive IV

Battle of Bilbringi

Battle of Endor 2

Jedi Temple

Battle of Naboo

Invasion of Naboo

Boonta Eve Pod Race
In the winter and spring of 1999, Dastoli Digital used Microsoft Paintbrush to create two animated GIFs which made up
the Imperial Justice Series.

Grasp of Tyranny

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Manifest of Power

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In 1999, and for holidays through 2002, Dastoli Digital made 20 Star Wars themed desktop wallpapers.

The Dark Side

The New Jedi Order

Knights of the Old Republic

Anakin Skywalker

Obi-Wan Kenobi


Thrawn Campaign

Jabba the Hutt

Seeds of Rebellion

Imperial Fleet

New Republic

Rogue Squadron

Search for Solo

Merry Christmas 1999

Happy Hanukkah 1999

Merry Christmas 2000

Happy Hanukkah 2000

Merry Christmas 2001

Happy Hanukkah 2001

Merry Christmas 2002
Dastoli Digital's first website was a Star Wars website themed around the planet Coruscant. The project was
taken over from Dan Wiznitzer in the summer of 1999, and was released to the web in November 1999.

Proceed to Coruscant: The Imperial Center
In March 2000, Dastoli Digital made two Star Wars themed screensavers using Flash.
They are available for download here.

Imperial Forces

Coruscant: The Imperial Center
In Spring of 2000, Coruscant Tourism, an interactive guide to the Star Wars planet Coruscant, was created in
Flash as a feature on Dastoli Digital's Star Wars website Coruscant: The Imperial Center.
It is available for download here.

Coruscant Tourism
Starting in June of 2000, Dastoli Digital began modeling and animating in 3D, compiling short Star Wars scenes.

Z-95 Headhunter over Tandankin

Etherway Lands on

LoBue Cantina on Abregado-Rae

The Coral Vanda

10 Mile Plateau on Ord Mantell

Rebels Arrive at Dantooine

Lady Luck Arrives at New Cov

Smuggler Fleet

Jump to Hyperspace

Funeral Pyre

The Emperor's Citadel at Byss

R-41 Starchaser Departs
In preparation for "Effects Project II," a Star Wars fanfilm that was never made, a bluescreen and 3D test
was created in early 2001.

Showdown in the Lower Levels