Drew Lindo and Alejandro Kontarovsky devised the idea for Gangster Movie in Summer 2005. Later, in the Fall, Dastoli Digital was assigned adaptations of A Midsummer Night's Dream in a Directing II course. James Dastoli had the concept to take the Gangster Movie idea and use it for his adaptation. Drew Lindo, Alejandro Kontarovsky and Diego Kontarovsky wrote the adaptation for Act I Scene I. For the same assignment, Robert Dastoli chose to use a short improv that Alejandro Kontarovsky and Diego Kontarovsky did for the basis of his Act III Scene II adaptation. Both adaptations were shot and completed in October and November 2005. Gangster Movie has screened in the following film festivals: 2006 Movie Gallery Student Video Competition, 2006 Tartan Road Film Festival, 2006 Microcinema Fest, 2007 Southern Fried Flicks Film Festival Student Competition.

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